Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awesome Sauce Navegar Foundation Improved it'z FullDome Plugin for After Effects

Super stoked about the New release of this After Effects sofware plugin.

DomeView Plug-in

Navegar Foundation is proud to announce the release of version 4.0 of the compositing tool FullDome Plugin for After Effects.

This version offer new features that include, among others, the possibility of setting the sweet spot out of dome centre and slicing content according to the projection system configuration.

Fulldome is a powerful plugin that converts the standard rectangular workspace of After Effects into a spherical or cylindrical one. It’s a “must have” tool for editing and compositing for spherical environments, such as, planetarium domes.

The Fulldome Plugin now offers an even more complete set of features, including:

- Various output master projections (12 in total)
- Various input projections (15 in total)
- Several interpolation methods for maximum image quality
- Compatible with 8 and 16 bits per channel colour depth
- Spherical Mirror ready.
- Dome and Horizon configuration
- Sweet spot outside dome centre
- Stitching of images or video
- Hyperdome ready
- Slice of content according to projection system configuration
- Astronomical coordinates and algorithms
- Net and GPU rendering capabilities
- Available for PC and Mac, compatible with After Effects up to CS5.5
- Complete Manual

For complete information please visit the website at