Monday, December 10, 2012


Go-Dome® provides a scratch resistant, dust-repelling primary convex mirror for its Newtonian™ projection system (and for other mirror projection systems). This convex mirror is a precision product with seven optical coatings for even coverage, transparency, protection against yellowing, scratch-protection, and dust repelling. Go-Vex™ Mirrors will project a quality image for many years with proper protection and care. Unlike any other mirror on the market today, the Go-Vex™ is cleanable. See Go-Vex™ Mirror Care for more information.™-mirror-care/ The advantages of Go-Vex™ Mirror projection is cost, image quality and resolution.
Image From Paul Burke Advantages: 1. Go-Vex™ Mirror solutions are less expensive that fisheye solutions. There is no debating this fact. 2. Go-Vex™ Mirrors eliminates chromatic aberration associated with the horizon of fisheye lenses. 3. Go-Vex™ and Newtonian™2 projection solutions are resolution independent with the only limited to the resolution being the projector you have chosen to use. 4. Go-Vex™ and Newtonian™2 projection solutions are infinitely upgradable. You are not stuck with the initial projector you have chosen. As projector technology continues to improve in lumens and resolutions, you are free to change out for a new projector while repurposing the original projector for classroom or other uses without penalty. This makes Go-Vex™ mirror solutions green and better for the environment. 5. More pixels on the dome! A fisheye lens coupled with a high definition projector looses over 50% of the available pixels due to the round nature of the dome master that the fisheye lens must project. A warped image, designed for a mirror captures 84% of the available pixels giving you more pixels on the dome and higher resolution regardless of what ever apples to apples projector comparison you choose to make. The image below clearly illustrates this.
Pricing: Go-Vex Retail 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

World's First Fulldome 3D Stereo Planetarium Created at Imiloa

Imiloa Hawaii Planetarium From January 19, Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii's planetarium will be the first in the world to have 3D stereoscopic capabilities, revolutionizing the planetarium industry. The new system heightens general audience entertainment experiences, but more importantly becomes a tool for astronomers' research by allowing them to see how celestial bodies are situated and how the universe is changing. Imiloa will be using Sky-Skan's cutting-edge definiti 3D theater technology integrated with Sony SXRD projectors. The new technology allows for a more vibrant picture than traditional systems, making Imiloa's planetarium viewings exceptionally lifelike and engaging on its breathtaking 52-foot full planetarium dome. "This technology changes the role of a planetarium dramatically," said Imiloa Associate Director, Kaiu Kimura. "Instead of just being a tool to teach and entertain, our planetarium is now a resource for scientists. We work closely with the telescopes on Maunakea, the 14,000-foot mountain summit, which sites ten world-class astronomical observatories. This system will now aid their research by bringing their data to life. Imiloa will also be poised to share new research with today's young people and the broader community in exciting ways." To highlight its new capabilities for the general public, Imiloa will also launch its "Dawn of the Space Age" planetarium show in stereoscopic 3D. The show will be playing Tuesday through Sunday daily starting January 19. Visitors will relive history and the excitement of space exploration from the launch of Sputnik through the Apollo lunar landings in 3D. All monthly Sky Tonight star show presentations at Imiloa Center will include tours of the Universe in 3D stereo.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fulldome UK Celebrating and immersing in the fulldome

Welcome to FULLDOME UK! They are a not-for-profit association supporting artists and researchers working within Fulldome immersive environments.
They organize events with the goal to promote Fulldome as an artistic medium in its own right, and as a platform for research into data visualisation, group collaboration and the effects of immersive environments on our perceptual and cognitive processes.
The last event, FULLDOME UK 2011, took place at the Thinktank Planetarium in Birmingham. UK on 12-13th March 2011.
This next event FULLDOME UK 2012 will take place at the National Space Centre in Leicester,UK on the 16th & 17th November 2012.
They see the Fulldome context as rich site for development of new material that will satisfy the demand of audiences across Europe today for multisensory, participatory, immersive content that moves beyond the notion of the ‘screen’ into the idea of ‘environment’ which can be appropriate in both educational and entertainment contexts. There is now an increasing acknowledgement worldwide of how 3D experiences may change and enhance visual and aural perception though understanding of the reasons for this are unclear and our proposed programme of work can offer ways of growing understanding through experiment and cultural/intergenerational exchange.
I am here with Dan Neafus from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Gates Planetarium for R & D and to participate in this awesome medium. It is a honor and a pleasure to spend some time out of the US chasing this artistic medium.
Some Vendors presenting are

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vortex Dome LA

Vortex Dome LA
Digital Dome Studio and Immersive Theater VenueLos Angeles’ First Fulldome Screening FacilityOnsite Immersive Events Venue at Los Angeles Center StudiosFulldome Immersive Cinema & Live Performance TheaterPortable Immersive Events VenueThe Vortex Dome is a next-generation immersive cinema events venue located in the heart of beautiful downtown Los Angeles. In addition to immersive cinema screenings, the Vortex Dome is available for a limited number of exclusive events engagements. The Vortex Dome is a unique immersive space with numerous multimedia capabilities and options, and is located on a secure studio lot with separate street entrance and full liquor license. The venue is ideal for elegant, exclusive events that seek to immerse, fascinate and impress visitors in Los Angeles’ most unique new venue.

MoMA PS1 Performance Dome

Every Sunday between February 5 and May 13, 2012, the MoMA PS1 Performance Dome in partnership with Volkswagen of America housed Sunday Sessions, an amalgam of artistic programming—from light, sound, and music installations to lectures by world-renowned scholars and special performances. Various other galleries and rooms inside of the former schoolhouse were activated during these weekly sessions. Performances and Presentations by: Questlove, DJ Harvey, Afrika Bambaataa, Greg Wilson, Bruceforma 2012, Rave Labor, and Nicloas Jar.