Monday, May 13, 2013

Freedom 360 Fulldome Camera

Someone had to do it. The Freedom 360 Go Pro rig is an awesome push for the fulldome medium. It makes it easy for any film producer to compose live_real content intended for an immersive envoronment. Here is a video that explains it all from Matthew Mascheri. Also here is some info from their site "The Freedom 360 allows you to use (your own) six Hero3 cameras (white, silver or black) to record six videos that can be stitched into a full spherical, equi-rectangular 360 video. The original and innovative geometry gives you the freedom to hold the rig in any direction, no blind spot to worry about. You can capture everything around the rig, without obstructions.
Simply insert the Hero3 cameras (6) into the appropriate slot, fix them in place with the numbered mounting braces, mount it to the support you are intending to use (i.e. monopod), and start recording with the wifi remote that comes with the Hero3 black, or purchase it separately with the Hero3 silver/white.
 Recommended accessories
  • Carbon-Fiber monopod (15-20mm tube diameter on the (thin) camera end, light stand, microphone stand, boom pole or similar rigging.
  • Mini tabletop tripod (acts as a stand for the carbon-fiber pole)
  • Super clamp (suspend the carbon-fiber monopod from the ceiling)
  • Counter weights (1.5-2.5kg), depending on your shooting requirements
  • Motion-stabilizing gyro (i.e.
  • 5x conversion kit (if you prefer to shoot 4-around, 1-up)
So i say it's time to put on ur thinking mustache film industry... Who's the next Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Kevin Smith, or Guy Richie of Digital Dome Theater?

This is one giant step for fulldome....

Check them out and buy one @ the Freedom 360 Shop