Sunday, December 20, 2015


 MARCH  16-20, 
Denver Colorado

The 7th annual IMERSA Summit continues our conversations between converging business sectors and shaping the immersive arts industry with fulldome and VR film showcases, innovation sessions, networking sessions, and more.

Are you interested in presenting a paper or film at the Summit? We are now accepting proposals. more...

Exploring the Immersive Universe

  • The future of immersion
  • Immersive cinema and virtual reality: building bridges to the dome theater
  • Success and failure stories: lessons learned
  • Meet with vendors and producers at the Pro.Show Event
  • Thinking outside the dome, innovators and alternative content in special immersive venues
  • Immersive cinema; capture, production, distribution and display


  • Networking - Networking - Networking
  • Making-of sessions, presented in the dome by leading producers
  • Extended Works-in-progress sessions featuring fulldome films in development
  • Member-selected screenings of international fulldome films, VR, 3D, audio/video technology demonstrations


Host Venue

 Denver Museum of Nature & Science 

Hey Guys n Gals, Im excited for another Imersa.
Cant wait to See Everyone and catch up on the Dome Life. 
It been such a long Journey already... and man, looking ahead
it seems like we have so much further to go.

Cheers and Safe Traveling...

Timmy Edens


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  1. People who works there are some of the sweetest people I've met. Save yourself some time and just go to this convention center. Everyone there is sweet and ask how you've been, even though normally staff keep their heads down.